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SPIN ÐÈÍÖ: 7610-5786

ResearcherID: C-2116-2017

page at SSRN: link


Published journal articles, working papers:

Automotive sector

“Automotive industry: western quality control procedures in component production”, journal “Upravlenie kachestvom” (Quality management), july 2007, in rus.  Download

“Effective strategies for domestic automotive engine producers in the conditions of growing globalization”, with Danilov I.N. Published in the collection of materials of the annual conference of ASM Holding “Engines for russian automobiles”, 2004, Moscow. Dowload

Trade policy

"Perspectives of Russian automotive industry in the light of the countries WTO accession". 2003, in review.


Technical regulation

“Analysis of several aspects of russian technical regulation reform”, journal “Upravlenie kachestvom” (Quality management), june 2009, in rus. Download  Download scanned version


Housing sector

"Russian housing sector reform in the light of german experience", joined with Prof. Franz Hubert, Humboldt University, Berlin, 2002, in rus. Published in the collection of articles of the project “Gloros”, joined project of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) and of the State University - Higher School of Economics, “Integration into the world economy. The Russian economy ten years on: problems and perspectives”, in rus., Moscow, Teis, 2002. Download article

This book announcement was published in journal “Voprosy economiki”, 2002, ¹5, p. 155-156. Download announcement


Working paper. “Housing sector reform in Russia: impediment on the new stage”, 2003. Download from SSRN



Carried out consulting projects:

Furniture production

Reference letter on completion of consulting project. Work was carried out on request from Kaindl company, Austria (furniture production). Area: laminated floor coverings and boards production. Reference letter



Publications in newspapers, not academic journals:

Comments on social responsibility of the business. Published in the journal "Biznes i obzhestvo" ("Business and Society"), february 2006. Download




Veselovsky A. participated in round table organised by the Institute for Urban Economics, Moscow. Subject: “Urban barometer: what we know and what we don’t know about russian cities” February 20, 2020. Link


Comments of Veselovsky A. Round table “Instruments of attracting investment into regions”. Analytical Center for the Government of RF. March 13, 2018. Download


Veselovsky A. has been included in the roster of experts on public-private partnership projects of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Specialization areas: housing infrastructure, including watersupply sector. 2016 Link

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Veselovsky A. participated in the round table “Human resources for technical regulation system” held by the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration on june 26, 2012. Subject of report: comments on Technical regulation of the Customs Union “On safety of buildings, structures and construction materials” and on russian standards in the area “works on height” (safety of labour standarts, personal protective equipment for prevention of falls from height) Link

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Veselovsky A. participated in the public discussion of technical legislation “On security of high voltage equipment” at Public Council on Technical Regulation. march 2008. Link

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Comments by Veselovsky A. in the WTO online forum , debate "Are regional trade agreements stepping stones or obstacles for trading system?" Download comments

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Veselovsky Alexander participated in the round table discussion on social responsibility of the business, held by "Business & Society" consortia on december 6, 2007. Event Breif summary of the speech

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Veselovsky Alexander participated in the scientific seminar of Prof. Yasin "Barriers on the path of the housing sector reform" held december 8, 2006. Link to the record of the descussion

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Veselovsky A. participated in the round table discussion "Future of automotive sector in Russia", organised by the Fund "Liberal mission", july 2006. Link to the record of the discussion

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Brief comments on perspectives of automotive production in Russia - notes from the Annual automotive forum of the Adam Smith Institute 2005, Moscow. Download